Travel to Russia during COVID-19 outbreak. ????????

Published by John Galt March 25, 2020
Tourists in Russia during COVID-19 outbreak
MOSCOW, RUSSIA – MARCH 16: People wear face masks as a precaution against the coronavirus (COVID-19) at Red Square in Moscow, Russia, on March 16, 2020. (Photo by Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Many travelers around the world have been forced to cancel their long-planned trips, because of the outbreak of Covid-19. Russia, like the rest of countries, is under several quarantine measures, introduced by the government to prevent the spread of pandemy, and ensure the safety of its citizens and guests. We closely follow the situation and are ready to answer your main questions.

Is it possible to enter Russia now for those who have valid visas, or don’t require entry visa?

Travel during Coronovirus Airport

From 23.03 Russia has temporarily suspended passenger transportation with foreign countries. Exceptions will be made for flights from Moscow to capital and large cities of some countries, as well as charter flights carrying Russian passengers home, and foreign tourists returning from Russia to their home countries. It’s recommended not to try to enter Russia now. The restrictions won’t apply to foreign diplomats and crew members of international transport.

Can I currently obtain a Russian visa?

Diplomatic and Consular divisions of the Russian Federation abroad have temporarily stopped issuing visas to Russia and accepting documents for any types of visas from 18 April, 2020 until 1st May, 2020. 

Visas will still be issued to applicants, whose presence is required in connection with death of close relatives on the territory of Russia, as well as transit passengers.

Should I cancel my summer trip to Russia?

So far, the restrictions for entry to Russia, as well as issuance of Russian visas, have been introduced until May 1st. However, as you might understand, the situation may change, and the term can be prolonged. Let’s follow the news and hope that by the beginning of the summer tourist season the pandemy will have decreased, and you won’t need to cancel your trip. Keep in touch with the travel agencies where you’ve booked your tours, as well as airlines and visa centers for any updates.

What to do if I’m in Russia and can’t leave before the expiry of my visa because the borders have been closed?

Having taken into account the situation with Covid-19 pandemy, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken a decision to provide foreign citizens located in Russia with the opportunity to extend their visas, regardless of their type and duration. To prolong your visa you should contact the local office of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Division of Migration, and submit an application for visa extension, made in any format.

Can I get any refunds for bookings and visa support?

If you have already bought tickets, prepaid your bookings and bought visa support documents, you’ll need to contact the company to learn about the possibility of refunds or alterations in your travel documents.

Most airlines provide travelers with the opportunity to change the dates of tickets at any moment without any extra charges.

If you have bought your tourist support at, we are ready to provide you with a new free invitation for the new dates of your trip. To use this right please send us a request by email indicating:

(It’s not necessary to place a new order, simply send us an email to [email protected]). We’ll process your request for a new invitation the same day, and send you the document without any extra charges, terms and conditions apply

Foreign tourists in Moscow Covid-10
Tourists during Covid-19 outbreak

How to safeguard myself if I’m already in Russia?

Let’s not panic, and enjoy the visit as much as you can uner the current conditions.

Follow our recommendations and stay safe:

We wish you to stay healthy and safe, and we’ll keep you updated on the situation.

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How many people with coronavirus in Moscow?

25th March: 658 people