Russian Tourist Visa

Published by Mike Lomberg March 25, 2020
Russian visa stamp

If you have Russia pinned as your next travel destination, you should definitely know all about the Russian tourist visa. We’re here to provide you with detailed information and some practical tips. 

Some countries have a visa-free entry agreement to Russia, so citizens can start planning their trips immediately. These include most CIS countries, Latin America, South Korea, Israel and some others. You can read a useful article on visa-free entry and check whether your country is in the list here Who Needs a Visa to Russia

If you’re not among the holders of visa-free passports there are still options to obtain a Russian visa in a relatively fast and hassle-free way. A tourist visa will suit you if you want to make a short trip (no longer than 30 days) to see the sights of the country, meet friends, venture on the famous Trans-Siberian railway tour, or just drive through the country by road and observe its stunning nature. Bear in mind that a tourist visa is not subject to extension and you’ll need to leave Russia on or before its expiration date. 

Good news for citizens of the USA – under the agreement between our countries you are entitled to apply for a 3-year multiple entry tourist visa. It will give you the chance to visit Russia multiple times during 3 years, for trips no longer than 90 days in each 180.

Other nationalities can apply for a 30-day tourist visa to Russia with single or double entry.

List of Required Documents

To apply for a tourist visa you will need to collect the following documents:

Original signed passportMake sure it’s valid for 6 months or more after your planned exit from Russia. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages for a visa stamp
Color photographTake a picture of 3.5×4.5cm passport-style against a light background without shades or head covers (unless it’s part of religious clothing and you have it on at your passport picture). It’s usually better to use a photo booth service to ensure your image meets the requirements.
Travel support document A confirmation from a registered Russian travel agency including your data, dates of trip, place of stay, signed and sealed. Printed copies are accepted in most consulates. Read more about types of support documents for various visa types in this article: LINK
Filled out visa formavailable at Complete all fields, print it double-sided and sign
Travel insurance policyBuy this at any insurance company. Electronic policies in printed form are accepted. It must be acceptable in the Russian Federation and insure you for the entire period of your stay.
Additional documentsIf you apply from a country of which you are not a citizen, be ready to provide a document proving your legal stay in your host country

How to get a Russian tourist visa

There are several ways of getting a Russian visa:

  1. On your own



  1. Through Russian visa centers



  1. Through private agencies



Tourist visa expenses

Although, the expenses differ depending on the method of application and the company you choose, here are some unavoidable fees you’ll need to pay:

If you’ve decided to prepare your visa documents by yourself and apply in person or through a visa center, you can start by ordering travel support on our website. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any queries you might have.

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