Russian visa for Canadians

Published by Mike Lomberg March 26, 2020
Canadian passport holders

This article is for you, if you are a Canadian citizen, willing to travel to Russia. The first question you might have is:

Do Canadians need a visa to Russia?

The answer is – Yes!

Even if it seems like a big challenge, we’ll help you get your Russian visa in an efficient, easy and budget-friendly way. Follow these step-to-step instructions, and find out how to find which visa you require, which documents to collect, where and how to apply for it, how much it will cost and how long you’ll have to wait for it.

Step 1. Deciding on your travel dates, and selecting the suitable visa type.

Though you don’t need to buy tickets, or make any non-refundable bookings in advance, you’ll still need to make up your mind as to the dates of your travel. At least know them approximately. Depending on the duration of trip and reasons for traveling there exist several main Russian visa types. Read on to choose which one suits you best.

Russian Tourist visa for Canadians

This visa type suits you, if:

Russian Business and Humanitarian visa for Canadians

This visa type suits you if:

Russian Private visa for Canadians

This visa type suits you if:

Russian Student visa for Canadians

This visa type suits you if:

Russian Work visa for Canadians

This visa type suits you if:

Russian Electronic Visa for Canadians

This visa type suits you if:

Step 2. Collecting documents for visa application, and getting your travel support

Once you’ve chosen the visa type you need, you’ll have to collect a set of documents for application. This includes:

For E-visa applicants we offer professional help in filling the form, as it’s crucial you complete it correctly, otherwise you may be rejected entry to the country. You can get your help here: Contact visando

Step 3. Applying for visa and paying the fees

You have finally collected all required documents, and have them in a neat pile on your table, or so I hope ????

Now it’s time to finally apply for your visa. Where should you do it? There are two options to consider:

Visa centers have been opened to facilitate the processing of visa applications, and you will find it much easier to apply through them, especially if you can’t come in person and decide to choose application by post service. 

If your documents contain any mistakes, or the set is incomplete, a visa center officers will always help you, while the consular division doesn’t have time to check everything at the moment of submission, and if something is wrong they simply don’t accept the application. So, I’d rather apply through the visa center, though it’s up to you.

Remember that you have to pay the consular fee, when submitting your documents. 


Type of visa – number of entriesUrgent processing (3 business days)Normal processing (20 business days)
Single entry224 CAD112 CAD
Double entry358 CAD179 CAD
Multiple entry672 CAD336 CAD

If you apply at the Consular departments, payment is made at the time of submission of document by money order in favor of the Embassy of Russia.


If you wish to order any extra services like photocopies, same day delivery, filling visa form for you etc, you’ll have to pay extras as per tariffs of the visa center.

If you apply in person, you can pay at the visa center. If you choose postal application, you can pay by money order or bank draft favoring “Artionis Canada Corporation”. Put the receipt along with the rest of documents into the envelope and ship it by post to the selected visa center.

Get the addresses and other contacts by this link: Russian Consulates and Embassies

Note: E-visa applicants don’t need to pay any visa fees.

Step 4. Receiving your passport and checking visa

You can collect your passport after the processing of your visa application finishes and you get notified about it. If you submitted it to the Consular Division, you’ll need to appear in person and collect it. 

If you submitted it to the visa center and prepaid the return delivery just wait for your passage to be carried to the provided address.

Please check carefully what’s indicated in your visa, especially validity dates, number of entries and the inviting organization.

Russian visa stamp

If everything’s okay, you can pack your bags and get ready to travel. Don’t forget to take your passport, hotel bookings, and invitation with you.

Step 5. Arriving to Russia and making registration

Once in Russia, you’ll require to obtain two more documents to carry along during your trip:

The first will be given to you by flight attendant on board the plane to fill, or by the immigration officer at control point. You’ll need to fill it with details of your trip – dates, places of stay etc. It will be then stamped by the officer, and you’ll be given one part of the document to save. When you leave, you’ll need to submit it back at the control.

Russian migration card

Registration is something, which is normally made by the hotels where you stay, or by the owner of the apartment if you choose private accommodation, or stay at your friend’s place. A foreign individual staying over 7 working days in Russia needs to get registered at the post or police office in the district of his accommodation. The owner of apartment will in this way inform the authorities of place of stay of the foreigner during his visit. Make sure you contact your Russian host in advance to ask for this service. Registration is not often checked, but it’s still recommended to have it.

Russian Registration form

Now you are ready to enjoy you travel. Have a great time in Russia! 

I hope the article helped you get your Russian visa. If you still have questions left, write to our email and get your free consultation.