Russian Visa for Irish citizens

Published by Mike Lomberg March 26, 2020
Irish passport holders

Russia is a great tourist destination, with a lot of amazing places to see, and a lot of Irish tourists have already discovered this destination. I was encouraged to write this article to clarify the process of getting a Russian visa for you.

Do Irish citizens need a visa to Russia?

Yes, they do.

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect. Read on, and you’ll learn how to get your Russian visa in the most efficient way.

Step 1. Select your travel dates and visa type.

It’s not necessary to buy tickets to obtain your visa, and it’s not advisable to make any prepaid reservations before you actually get your visa. But you’ll need to decide on the dates of your travel and the purpose of trip, which will help you choose the suitable visa type. Find the description of the most common visa types below.

Russian Tourist visa for Irish citizens

Russian Private visa for Irish citizens 

Russian Business and Humanitarian visa for Irish citizens

Russian Student visa for Irish citizens

Russian Work visa for Irish citizens

Russian E-visa for Irish citizens

Russian Transit visa for Irish citizens

Important: You don’t need visa if you make connection without leaving transit zone within 24 hours.

Important: You need transit visa even if you stay in transit zone, following to Belarus or Kazakhstan through Russia

Step 2. Collect the list of documents for visa application.

After you’ve known your visa type and chosen the dates for your trip, prepare the list of documents to submit for your visa.

E-visa applicants can get our professional help with application form here: Contact Visando

or an Official Telex Directive issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia upon request of the Russian host company. Normally made in 12 working days.

Step 3. Apply for visa and pay the required fees.

Irish citizens can apply for visa directly at the Russian Consulate in Dublin. No prior appointment is needed.

The amount of consular fee equals: 

Processing timeSingle entryDouble entry VisaMultiple entry Visa
Urgent within 3 working days152€243 €456 €
Standard within 4-20 working days77 €122 €229 €

Method of payment accepted – Postal money order payable in favor of Russian Embassy

Step 4. Collect passport and check your visa

So far there doesn’t exist any delivery service to get your passport back once the visa is issued. You’ll be notified on the status of your application, and when it’s ready, you’ll have to pick up your passport by yourself.

Opening hours of the Consulate:

9.00 – 11.45 each day except Saturdays, Sundays and Russian National holidays.

After you’ve received your passport, don’t forget to carefully examine your visa. Pay attention to the correctness of visa validity dates, and number of entries.

Russian visa stamp

If everything’s in order, you can pack your bags and get ready for the trip. Take your passport, tickets, hotel bookings, insurance policy, and invitations.

Step 5. Travel to Russia and get registered

Finally, you’ve arrived to Russia. Welcome and enjoy your trip!

Two moments before you leave – you’ll need to get these documents for your stay:

Upon entry at immigration control or even before on board the plane you’ll be given migration card to fill in. It consists of two identical parts, and you’ll need to fill it with ink in Russian or English block letters. The information is simply – your passport details, place of stay, dates of trip and inviting company. After you’ve finished, sign it and hand to immigration officer for stamping. He’ll save one part, and give you another to keep. Carry it in your passport while in Russia. When leaving you’ll need to return it.

Russian migration card

A foreign citizen must get registered, if his trip exceeds 7 working days as proof of his legal stay in Russia within the first 7 business days after arrival. Registration is made by hotel management, if you book a room there. In case you stay at your friend’s or book Airbnb apartment, make sure the owner of apartment can provide you with registration. To get it, he’ll need to contact the local post or police office. Carry your registration, along with migration card in your passport during your entire stay.

Russian registration

If you leave Russia, you’ll need to re-register again upon arrival.

Now you are ready for getting your visa and traveling to Russia. Enjoy your visit!

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