Russian visa photo specifications

Published by Mike Lomberg March 26, 2020

In this article we have compiled complete and up to date information regarding photo specifications, as set by the Russian consulate services abroad for individuals applying for Russian visas. 

To complete your set of documents for a Russian visa application, you need to provide one recent passport-style photograph of yourself, taken no earlier than six months before you start your application, showing your current appearance. 

The photo should meet certain criteria concerning the size and content.

Important: failing to meet the standard specifications might result in delay of your visa application process. Photos not meeting mandatory formats are rejected as invalid, in which case you will need to reapply with the new photo, which you would certainly like to avoid. Note that the photo should not be the same photo that appears on your previous visas or passport.

General Russian visa photo specifications:

See below the examples of acceptable and non-acceptable photos for Russian visas:

Russian visa photo requirements samples
Russian visa photo requirements  -samples showing correct and incorrect photos
Russian visa photo specifications samples with head covers and glasses
Russian visa photo specifications smaples with photos of children

Take your photo and check the requirements listed in this article, if everything is fine and your photo meets the specifications, you’re ready to proceed with your visa application!