Russian visa for Belgian citizens

Published by Mike Lomberg April 2, 2020
Belgian passport holders

Are you a Belgian passport holder planning a trip to Russia? Then you are probably asking yourself:

Do Belgian citizens need a visa to enter Russia?

The answer is: Yes, they do!

What’s your next move? Don’t panic and follow our step-by-step guide to get your Russian visa. The entire process isn’t as complicated as it seems. 

Step 1. Choose your travel dates and visa type

To correctly choose the type of visa you should apply for, think about the duration of your travel, how many times you’ll need to come to Russia, what will be the main purpose of your trip. The list of Russian visa types will help you make your choice.


Get it in 10 min to your email and print out


TIP: If you aren’t sure that your Russian will supply you with the required invitation, you might consider to come on a simple tourist visa




Important: If you make a connection by air you don’t leave transit zone of the airport, you don’t need any visa. Check it with your airlines.

Important: For travelers following to Belarus or Kazakhstan with connection in Russia, transit visa is required.



Step 2. Gather documentation for your visa type

Before you enroll with the local Russian consulate, you’ll need to prepare certain documents to apply for your visa. The list contains:

Step 3. Apply for your visa and pay the fees.

The next move will be to apply with all your documents for your visa. Where can a Belgian do it? In either of these places:

Find  the addresses of the consulates and visa centers here: Russian embassies and consulates

When you submit your package of documents, you’ll need to pay the fees. Doing it at the consulate, the only fee you’ll have to pay will be the non-refundable consular fee, see the amount, which is valid for both single, double and multiple entry visas, in the table below:

Processing timeTariff (€)
Standart 5-20 working days35
Urgent 1-3 working days70

If you apply through the Russian visa center, you’ll also be charged extra service fee. You can check the totals on the website of the visa center as they vary for each visa type.

If you apply by post to the visa center in Antwerp you’ll pay by bank transfer and include the receipt into the envelope with documents, which you’ll need to send to the Antwerp’s visa center address.

Note: From E-visa applicants no visa fee is charged!

Step 4. Collect your passport with visa. Check details. 

You’ll be notified when your application process is over.

You can collect the passport by yourself or nominate someone to do it for you (bring the receipt, which the consulate or visa center had supplied you with during the application). If you applied by post you’ll receive your passport back by delivery service.

Take a good look at your visa and check all the details, like validity dates and number of entries.

Russian visa stamp

If you applied for an E-visa, you’ll also need to check all details before travelling.

Russia e-visa sample

If everything is fine, you are ready to travel. Pack your luggage, check on the weather forecast in Russia. Don’t forget to take your passport with visa, Insurance policy, hotel bookings, tickets, invitation copy. Have a pleasant trip!

Important for holders of E-visas: You are only allowed to enter one of the specified border points in three regions of Russia: Vladivostok and the Far East, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Region. You must return through the same border crossing, where you entered. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to travel throughout other regions, as you can only stay in the region which you entered. I you want to avoid these limits and travel freely throughout Russia, consider getting a regular tourist visa instead.

Step 5. Migration control and registration in0 Russia

When you’ve arrived, you’ll need to take care of two more documents obtained in Russia by all foreign guests:

A migration card is given to foreign nationals arriving to Russia. It has two identical parts, one of which is surrendered to the immigration officer at the border crossing. You’ll need to write on it the details of your trip, dates of travel, places of intended stay. Keep the second part of the card with you, and don’t lose it. You’ll have to return it back when leaving Russia.

Russian migration card

You’ll need to obtain registration upon arrival, if you stay beyond 7 working days in Russia.

If you stay in a hotel, you’ll get registered by the hotel manager. If you stay with your Russian friends, ask the owner of the apartment to register you at the local post or police office during the first 7 days after your arrival. Carry your registration with you. You might need to show it when returning from Russia.

Russian registration

I hope now you have a clear understanding of the whole process of visa application. If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

Happy travels to Russia!

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