Russian visa for citizens of China

Published by Mike Lomberg June 17, 2020
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Citizens of China are quite active travelers, and they often come to Russia on various purposes from tourism to work and studies. If you have decided to travel to Russia too, be aware that Chinese citizens require an entry visa. 

Do Chinese citizens need a visa to Russia?

Yes, they do.

If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses and get your Russian visa by yourself, read on and find out how to do it in a fast and economical way. 

Step 1. Identify which visa type will suit you best

There exist several types of Russian visas. Choose among them the one, which will better suit your travel purposes.

Visa typesPeriod of stayTravel purpose
Tourist visa30 daystourism and leisure
Private visa90 daysprivate guest visits. Not recommendable: see why here
Business visa30 -90 days (a visa can be valid for 1 year)
conducting business in Russia, looking for partners, negotiating, investing etc.
Transit visa3 -10 dayscrossing Russian territory on your way to another country
Student visa90 days and abovestudying a course in a Russian school or university
Work visa90 days and aboveworking under contract for a Russian employer
Electronic visa8 daysNot available for Chinese yetshort tourist, business or humanitarian visits

Russian Tourist visa for Chinese citizens

Duration of visit: short-term stay up to 30 days. 

Number of entries: single, double

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: a specialized tourist confirmation, supplied by a registered Russian travel operator; and a contract on rendering tourist services from the same travel agency

Russian Private Visa for Chinese citizens

Duration of visit: up to 90 days

Number of entries: single, double

Purpose of traveling:

Basis for visa – invitation provided by the Russian MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs – department if Immigration) following a request of the Russian host. 

For the joint entry case or urgent treatment/death or serious illness of close relatives- a petition addressed directly to the Ambassador of the RF or the Consul General is enough. 

If your Russian host is unable to supply you with the required invitation, consider coming on a standard tourist visa to meet up your family.

Russian Business and Humanitarian visa for Chinese citizens

Duration of stay: no longer than 90 days out of 180. A visa can be issued for 1 year.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple

Purpose of traveling:

Basis for visa: Official invitation arranged by the inviting company via the MIA of Russia; or a Telex directive supplied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia following a request from the Russian host company

Russian Study Visa for Chinese citizens

Duration of visit: 

90 days and beyond. Initially, a visa is issued for 90 days, but can be prolonged by the educational establishment on the territory of Russia, if necessary.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple 

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: Official invitation issued by the MIA or a telex from the MFA of Russia upon a request of the Russian educational institution.

Russian Work visa for the Chinese citizens

Duration of visit:

90 days and beyond under your civil labour contract. A visa can be issued for 90 days or for 3 years for Highly Qualified Experts. Both can be extended on the territory of Russia.

Number of entries: single, multiple

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: official invitation supplied by the MIA of Russia upon request of the Russian employing company (presented in paper original only).

Russian Transit Visa for Chinese citizens

Duration of stay: if you pass through the Russian territory by air you can stay up to 3 days,  if by road or railroad – up to 10 days

Number of entries: single, double (a period between two transits shouldn’t exceed 30 days)

Reasons for traveling: 

Basis for visa: copies of purchased tickets for entry and departure from Russia

Important: Those who make flight connections without the need to leave transit zone, do not need visas. Please check with your airlines whether you require transit visa to make your connection.

Important: Passengers following to Belarus or Kazakhstan with connection in Russia require transit visa

Step 2. Collect documents for your visa application

If your trip is already in less than 3 months, you can start visa procedures by first collecting the documents, and then applying them for your visa. The list of documents you’ll need includes:

Step 3. Apply for a visa in China

Chinese citizens staying in another country should find the Russian embassy there and find out how to apply for a visa from that country. If you are in China you can apply at:

Remember, Russian visa centers have been created to facilitate the visa process and make submission more convenient for the applicants. However, applying at the visa center you need to pay their service charge.

Find contacts here: Russian Consulates and Embassies

When you apply for a visa you should also pay the visa fees. They are paid at the moment of submission of documents and are non-refundable in case of rejection.

Consular fee:

Visa typeStandard processing in 4-20 daysUrgent processing in 3 days
Single entry350 RMB560 RMB
Double entry700 RMB910 RMB
Multiple entry1050 RMB1260 RMB

Service fee charged by the Visa center: 266 RMB per person

Courier charge for return delivery of your passport by the Visa center: 60 RMB per passport.

Step 4. Collect your passport and examine your Russian visa stamp

When the day come, collect your passport from the consulate or visa center, unless you paid for courier return delivery.

Carefully look at the visa stamp in your passport. In case you notice any mistakes, apply for correction. The stamp bear the following info:

Russian visa stamp info

If all information is correct, you can get ready for your journey.

Step 5. Final documents to get in Russia


Coming to the Russian border you will have to pass several control points migration control among them. An officer will ask you to fill in the migration card (it can also be given out on board your plane, or found on the desks at the airport arrivals). This form is completed in pen with block letters in English or Russian. It has two identical parts and the one you give to the officer, while the other you keep and after your trip comes to an end – return on the border.

Russian migration card

If you plan on staying in Russia over 7 working days, you’ll need to undergo such procedure as registration. Nothing to worry about, but as it is required by law, make sure the hotel which you booked provides you with one, or the owner of the apartment where you stay.

Russian registration

As both documents can be asked for by the police to prove your legal stay in Russia, it’s recommendable to carry them with you during the entire trip. 

If you lose migration card – contact the local migration service office to get one. If you lose registration – ask your Russian host to get a duplicate.

Hope my article has helped you get your Russian visa. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

Keep on traveling and explore Russia!

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