Russian visa for citizens of Indonesia

Published by Mike Lomberg June 9, 2020
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Russia has many tourist attractions, as well as a lot of opportunities for doing business, work or study. Indonesian citizens frequently look for chances to visit the big country on different purposes. However, when they face the problem of getting a visa, it scares many of them away. 

Do Indonesian citizens need a visa to Russia?

Yes, they do.

Before you choose another visa-free country to visit, let me tell you how to get a Russian visa on your own using a simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Select a suitable Russian visa type for your travel

Before your start to prepare the documents or apply for a Russian visa, you should identify which type of visa is the most suitable for your purposes, duration of your stay in Russia, number of entries you are going to make and the visa support documents you may get. Read below the overview of Russian visa types and a more detailed information on each type:

Visa typesValidity periodTravel purpose
Tourist visa30 daystourism and leisure
Private visa90 daysprivate guest visits. Not recommendable: see why here
Business visa30 -90 days (up to 1 years max)
conducting business in Russia, looking for partners, negotiating, investing etc.
Transit visa3 -10 dayscrossing Russian territory on your way to another country
Student visa90 days and abovestudying a course in a Russian school or university
Work visa90 days and aboveworking under contract for a Russian employer

Russian Tourist visa for Indonesian citizens

Choose this type if:

Russian Business and Humanitarian visa for Indonesian citizens

Choose this type if: 

Russian Private visa for Indonesian citizens

Choose this type if: 

Russian Student visa for Indonesian citizens

Choose this type if: 

Russian Employment/Work visa for Indonesian citizens

Choose this type if: 

Russian Transit visa for Indonesian citizens

Choose this type if:

Important: If you make connection and stay at the airport transit zone, without passing passport and immigration control, you don’t need a visa. Otherwise, you require a transit visa.

If you travel to Kazakhstan or Belarus with connection in Russia you need a transit visa.

Please, choose the visa type exactly according to your travel purpose. Remember, that visas cannot be converted into each other, or obtained already on the territory of Russia. Note, that you should get long-term visas (student/work) prior to your travel to Russia (!)

Step 2. Gather the required documents for your visa

To apply for a visa you’ll need to collect and prepare the following documents not earlier than 3 months before your trip:

Step 3. Apply for your Russian visa in Indonesia

After you have collected the required set of documents, you can apply for your visa in Indonesia at a Russian Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Jakarta.

Find the contacts below:


Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said, Kav. X-7, No 1-2, Kuningan, Jakarta (on the map)


+62-21-522-51-95 (Monday through Friday 9.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs)

Fax: +62-21-522-29-15


[email protected]

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9.00 to 12.45 Closed at weekends and Russian national holidays

When you apply for a visa you’ll be requested to pay the Consular fees for the processing of your documents. Prepare to pay:

Visa typeStandard processing4-20 working daysExpress processingProcess 1-3 working days
SINGLE ENTRY(tourist; business; work; transit)$ 80,- USD$ 160,- USD
DOUBLE ENTRY(tourist; business; transit)$ 128,- USD$ 256,- USD
MULTIPLE ENTRY (business)$240,- USD$480,- USD
Visa for students (single entry)$80,-USD$160,-USD

If you apply for a tourist visa as part of an organized tourist group, the processing will take minimum 14-20 working days, or minimum 1 week for express procedure.

Step 4. Obtain your passport and check your visa for mistakes

When you pay the fees you’ll be given a receipt, take it with you when you come back to collect your passport once the process is finished.

Please carefully examine your visa stamp for mistakes in data or spelling. The stamp contains such info:

Russian visa stamp

In case you find any mistakes, apply for correction. If everything is fine, it’s time to pack your bags and travel!

Step 5. Get migration card and registration after arrival to Russia

After you have arrived to the Russian border you’ll be asked to complete a migration card, which is given out by the migration officer. Save this document after having it stamped, and carry along in your passport throughout the trip. You’ll need to return it back at the immigration control when leaving the country. It looks like this:

Migration card in Russia

If you intend to stay in Russia over 7 working days you’ll also need to get yourself a Registration. The management of the hotel where you stay will provide it for you. Carry it with you during your stay. It looks like this:

Registration in Russia

I hope that this article has given you a good insight on the whole visa process and helped to obtain your own visa to Russia. If you still have doubts or questions, contact us by email.

Have a terrific stay in Russia!

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