Russian visa for citizens of Iran

Published by Mike Lomberg June 30, 2020
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Why travel to Russia? It offers an incredible lot of opportunities for tourism, business, work, studies, culture etc. Iranian citizens are frequent visitors in Russian cities. However, to enter the country, you’ll need a valid visa corresponding to the purpose of your trip.

Do Iranian citizens need a visa to Russia?

Yes, they do.

It does sound like a challenge – to obtain a visa by yourself. But all is possible, and we are going to show you here how to do it. Read our simple step-by-step guide, and get your Russian visa in an economical and fast way.

Step 1. Select the right visa type

First of all, you should look through the most popular visa types and decide on the one that will suit your travel purposes best.

Visa typesValidity periodTravel purpose
Tourist visa30 daysTourism and leisure
Private visa90 daysprivate guest visits. Not recommendable: see why here
Business visa30 -90 days (up to 1 year max)conducting business in Russia, looking for partners, negotiating, investing etc.
Transit visa3 -6 dayscrossing Russian territory on your way to another country
Student visa90 days and abovestudying a course in a Russian school or university
Work visa90 days and aboveworking under contract for a Russian employer

Russian Tourist visa for Iranian citizens

Duration of stay in Russia – 30 days max

Number of entries – single or double

Purpose of trip – Tours and individual trips to Russia. Sightseeing, visiting cultural events, driving through the country etc.

Visa support: Confirmation from a registered Russian Tour Operator of the acceptance of a tourist + detailed itinerary provided by the same tour operator + hotel booking for the entire period of stay + purchased tickets to and from Russia. 

Note:  A simple booking without confirmation is not enough to apply for this visa.

Russian Private visa for Iranian citizens

Duration of stay in Russia – 90 days max

Number of entries – single or double

Purpose of trip – visiting friends or relatives, citizens or permanent residents of Russia

Visa support: Invitation issued by MIA upon request of your Russian host

Russian Business visa for Iranian citizens

Duration of stay in Russia – 90 days in each 180. A visa can be issued for up to 1 year.

Number of entries – single, double or multiple (to apply for multiple entry visa you should have previous Russian visas issued in the last year)

Purpose of trip:

– looking for business partners, negotiating, researching the market

– conducting trainings, maintenance work (sub-purpose Technical Maintenance)

– taking part in commercial activities in Russia (sub-purpose Commercial)

– driving cargo or passenger vehicle throughout Russia (sub-purpose Driver)

– flying aircraft (sub-purpose Crew Member)

– a child accompanying parents in a business trip (sub-purpose Family Member)

– taking part in sports, cultural, political, religious, charity, volunteer events, or supplying humanitarian aid (Humanitarian type)

Visa support: Invitation issued by MIA or MFA of Russia upon request of the Russian inviting company

Russian Transit visa for Iranian citizens

Duration of stay in Russia – 3 days max for single entry, 6 days max for double entry

Number of entries – single, double

Purpose of trip – crossing Russian territory following to another state.

Visa support: valid purchased tickets showing entrance/departure from Russia

Important: If you fly over Russia you don’t need a visa

If you make air connection without leaving transit zone you don’t need a visa

If you follow to Belarus or Kazakhstan making transit in Russia you need a transit visa

Russian Student visa for Iranian citizens

Duration of stay in Russia – 90 days and longer. A visa is issued for 90 days, but can be extended in Russia depending on the duration of studies.

Number of entries – single, double or multiple

Purpose of trip – full time studies at a Russian educational institution; short-term courses

Visa support: Invitation by the MIA or MFA of Russia granted upon request of the Russian School or University

Russian Work visa for Iranian citizens

Duration of stay in Russia – from 90 days and longer, depending on the civil labour contract terms. For Highly Qualified Experts a visa is issued for 3 years at once. This visa type can be extended in Russia.

Number of entries – single or multiple

Purpose of trip – full time work under a paid labour contract for a Russian employer

Visa support: original invitation granted by MIA of Russia upon request of an authorized Russian Employer.

Step 2. Collect a set of documents for the application

Once you’ve decided upon the visa type, you can start preparing the documents you’ll need to apply for a visa. Remember, the application can be accepted not earlier than 3 months and not later than 5 days before your trip. See the documents you’ll need below:

Step 3. Apply your documents for visa

One should collect all documents and personally apply at:

Working days – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Working Hours: 10:00-12:30

You can find the addresses of the Consulates on the website of the embassy here: Russian Consular section in Iran

There are no regular interviews held for visa applicants, normally you submit the documents without the interview, however if the Consular officer feels it necessary to hold a personal conversation, he can ask the applicant to attend an interview.

When you apply, you are required to pay the visa fees for the processing of your documents. The current rates are:

Visa typeStandard processing 4-20 working daysExpress processing 1-3 working days
single entry80 $160 $
double entry128 $256 $
multiple entry240 $480 $

Keep the receipt as you’ll need it to get your passport with visa back.

Step 4. Get your passport with visa and check the details

When you collect your passport, don’t forget to check the visa stamp for any possible mistakes. See the info the stamp carries:

Russian visa stamp info

 If something is wrong, you can apply for correction. If it’s fine, you can start getting ready for the trip. Take with you your invitation from Russia in copy and return ticket.

Step 5. Stay legally in Russia, get registered

When you arrive to Russia you’ll need to get some more documents there:

A migration card is given to foreign nationals arriving to Russia at migration control points. It has two identical parts, one of which is surrendered to the immigration officer. You’ll need to write on it the details of your trip, dates of travel, places of intended stay. After you have it stamped by the officer, keep the second part of the card with you, and don’t lose it. You’ll have to return it back when leaving Russia.

Russian migration card

You’ll need to get registered upon arrival, if you stay longer than 7 working days in Russia.

If you stay in a hotel, you’ll get registered by the hotel manager. If you stay with your Russian friends, ask the owner of the apartment to register you at the local post or police office during the first 7 days after your arrival. Carry your registration with you. You might need to show it when returning from Russia.

Russian registration

It’s required to have both of the above documents for your legal stay in Russia.

Important! You cannot change the status of your visa while in Russia. The only extendable visa types are – work and student visas. Do not overstay your visa validity, otherwise you’ll be deported and refused further entry.

I hope you’ve found the answers to your questions in this article. If you need further information, you can contact the Russian embassy in your country, or write for advice to our email.

Have wonderful travels to Russia!

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