Russian visa for citizens of Malaysia

Published by Mike Lomberg June 25, 2020
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Russia attracts visitors from many countries including Malaysia on different purposes including tourism, business, study, work and others. If you are a citizen of Malaysia and intend to come to Russia, you might be asking yourself the question:

Do Malaysian citizens need a visa to Russia?

Yes, they do.

But how can you get a Russian visa, which visa do you need and how much and how long will it take to get one? A visa application process might seem pretty challenging, but don’t let that sway you. In this article you’ll find the answers to your questions. Follow on with our step-by-step guide to your Russian visa.

Step 1. Choose the appropriate visa type

Visa typesPeriod of stayTravel purpose
Tourist visa30 daystourism and leisure
Private visa90 daysprivate guest visits. Not recommendable: see why here
Business visa30 -90 days (a visa can be valid for 1 year)
conducting business in Russia, looking for partners, negotiating, investing etc.
Transit visa3 -10 dayscrossing Russian territory on your way to another country
Student visa90 days and abovestudying a course in a Russian school or university
Work visa90 days and aboveworking under contract for a Russian employer
Electronic visa8 daysshort tourist, business or humanitarian visits

Russian Tourist visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Business or Humanitarian visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Private visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Student visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Work visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if: 

Russian E-Visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if: 

Traveling on e-visa is still pretty limited, if you feel you want to travel without such limitations, consider applying for a standard tourist visa instead. 

Russian Transit visa for Malaysian citizens

You need it if:

Important: If you make connection and stay at the airport transit zone, without passing passport and immigration control, you don’t need a visa. Otherwise, you require a transit visa.

If you travel to Kazakhstan or Belarus with connection in Russia you need a transit visa.

It is important for you to choose the right type of visa to fully enjoy your trip to Russia without any legal problems. Bear in mind that visa types are not interchangeable. If your travel purpose has changed, you need to reapply for another types of visa outside of Russia.

Step 2. Collect all required documents for the successful application

When you decide on the type of visa you need for your trip to Russia, you can start collecting necessary documents for your application. Here’s the main list:

Step 3. Apply for a Russian visa in Malaysia

Citizens of Malaysia can apply for a Russian visa at the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Address: No.263, Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur

Working hours for visa applications: Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:30- 13:00

When you apply for a visa you are required to pay the visa fees:

Processing timeSingle entry visaDouble entryMultiple entry
standart 4-20 working days320 MYR512 MYR960 MYR
urgent 1-3 working days640 MYR1024 MYR1920 MYR

The fees are paid in Malaysian Ringgit while submitting the documents. You’ll be given a receipt, which you should keep and display to obtain your passport with visa back.

Step 4. Get your passport with visa and check it

After the visa process is finished, you can come and get your passport back. Carefully examine the visa stamp. It bears the following data:

Russian visa stamp details

If you find any mistakes, you can apply for correction at the Consulate. If everything is fine, get ready to travel!

Coming to Russia – final steps to take

Finally you’ve arrived to Russia! There still two more documents you’ll need to obtain when in Russia: 

You will be handed Migration Card on board the plane by flight attendants, or at border points by the immigration officers. You’ll be requested to fill both parts of this document with identical information in block letters in pen, in Russian or English. Give your passport details, dates of trip and inviting company, nothing hard. Immigration officer will stamp the document and give you one part of it. Carry the migration card always with you and return at immigration control when you leave Russia.

Sample of Russian migration card

You will require Registration if your stay in Russia will last over  7 working days. It’s normally provided by the hotel where you stay, or by the owner of the apartment. I suggest you contacting the owner and making sure he’ll be able to have you registered at the local post or police office. Airbnb owners normally charge some extras for this service. Carry your registration with you during your visit. Remember that it should be made during the first 7 business days of your stay.

Sample of Russian registration

Please, make sure you have all your documents in order. Failure to present registration or migration card, or overstaying your visa validity period, can result in deportation and refusal of entry to Russia for the next 5 years.

I’m glad to have helped you get your Russian visa! If you still have any questions or need my advice, feel free to write to our email.

Welcome to Russia!

Welcome sign in the Russia Caucasus