Russian visa for citizens of Serbia

Published by Mike Lomberg June 24, 2020
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Russia and Serbia have a long history of cooperation and strong and friendly relationships, which has made it possible for citizens of both countries to make mutual tourist visits under a visa-free regime for up to 30 days. To enter Russia for 30 days a Serbian citizen simply needs to have a valid international passport. You can also use your right for a visa-free entry to make transit through Russia.

Do Serbian citizens need a visa to Russia?

What if you need to stay beyond 30 days, or would like to come to Russia to work, study or attend a business meeting? You’ll need to obtain a valid visa for your trip. How and where to get it? How much and how long it will take you? Find answers to these questions in the article below.

Russian visa types

Before you can apply for a visa you’ll need to select the appropriate type of visa. Read the overview below and see which visa will best suit your purposes.

Visa typesValidity periodTravel purpose
Private visa90 daysprivate guest visits.
Business visa30 -90 days (up to 1 year max)
conducting business in Russia, looking for partners, negotiating, investing etc.
Student visa90 days and abovestudying a course in a Russian school or university
Work visa90 days and aboveworking under contract for a Russian employer

Russian Private visa for Serbians

Stay in Russia for: maximum 90 days

Number of entries: single, double

Travel purpose: visiting family or friends in Russia

You should be invited by: a Russian citizen or a legal resident, who solicits an invitation at the MIA of Russia.

Russian Business/Humanitarian visa for Serbians

Stay in Russia for: maximum 90 days out of each 180. A visa can be valid for 1 year.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple

Travel purpose:

– looking for business contacts and researching the market

– attending various meetings, conferences, negotiations

– investing into Russian business

– conducting trainings, maintenance work (sub-purpose Technical Maintenance)

– commercial activity (sub-purpose Commercial)

– driving cargo or passenger vehicle throughout Russia (sub-purpose Driver)

– taking part in events related to sports, culture, politics, religion, charity, volunteer programs, or supplying humanitarian aid (Humanitarian type)

You should be invited by: A Russian organization, or MIA of Russia upon request of the host Russian company, or a Russian MFA following a request of the host company.

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Russian Student visa for Serbians

Stay in Russia for: 90 days and longer. A student visa can be extended on the territory of Russia.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple

Travel purpose: studying at a Russian university or attending short-term courses

You should be invited by: A Russian School or University via the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Russian Work visa for Serbians

Stay in Russia for: 90 days and longer. A work visa can be extended in Russia. A visa for a Highly Qualified Specialists is issued for 3 years at once.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple

Travel purpose: paid employment

You should be invited by: your Russian employer via the MIA of Russia

Collect the necessary documents for your visa

After you have chosen the visa type from the ones described above, you can start collecting your documents to be able to apply. The list of documents below is not exclusive, as the consular officer might ask you for any additional documents like a financial statement or a proof of family ties with a Russian host etc., but this is a standard list, which is normally required:

Apply for your visa in Serbia

Remember, you can apply for a visa not earlier than 3 months before your trip to Russia. Prepare your documents and apply in person at the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Belgrade. See the address below:

Адреса: Србија, Београд, ул. Делиградска, 32 (улаз из Пастерове ул.)

Тел: +381 (0)11 361 3964; +381 (0)11 361 7644

Е-mail: [email protected]

You can apply for a visa on Mon, Wed, Fri from 9:00 till 11:00

Visa fee

When you submit your documents you’ll be given an invoice for the payment of the visa fee. A visa fee is paid for the processing of your documents and is a non-refundable charge. You should pay it in the API bank and bring the receipt back to the consulat to start the process. The amount of the visa fee is:

Visa typeStandard processing 4-10 working daysUrgent processing 1-3 working days
Single entry8600 RSD17200 RSD
Double entry13760 RSD27520 RSD
Multiple entry25800 RSD51600 RSD

Collect your passport and check your visa stamp

When you receive your passport with visa check it carefully for any mistakes. The following information should be in order:

Russian visa stamp

If you notice any mistakes, apply for corrections. If everything is fine, start preparing your things for the trip.

Final documents to obtain in Russia

The last 2 documents for you to get when in Russia will be:

A migration card is given to foreign nationals arriving to Russia at migration control points. It has two identical parts, one of which is surrendered to the immigration officer. You’ll need to write on it the details of your trip, dates of travel, places of intended stay. After you have it stamped by the officer, keep the second part of the card with you, and don’t lose it. You’ll have to return it back when leaving Russia.

Russian migration card

You’ll need to get registered upon arrival, if you stay longer than 7 working days in Russia.

If you stay in a hotel, you’ll get registered by the hotel manager. If you stay with your Russian friends, ask the owner of the apartment to register you at the local post or police office during the first 7 days after your arrival. Carry your registration with you. You might need to show it when returning from Russia.

Russian registration

Important: Make sure you get all documents in order. For violations of migration law foreign citizens are subject to deportation and refusal of entry for the following 5 years.

I hope you have found some useful information in this article and have arranged your trip to Russia without any complications. If you need further assistance or advice, don’t hesitate to contact our email. 

Enjoy your stay in Russia!

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