Russian visa for Czech citizens

Published by Mike Lomberg April 6, 2020
Czech passport holders

Whether you are planning a leisure tour, a family or a business visit to Russia, the first thing to know is:

Do Czech citizens need a visa to Russia?

Now, a visa application process does seem like an extremely dreary and complicated thing. But before you change your plans, we’d like to give you a simple step-by-step guide on Russian visa. Read on and I’m sure you’ll understand the whole process, and successfully get your visa without any special agents and their high commission.

Step 1. Know your travel dates and visa type

Before collecting any documents you should think about the entry-exit dates, duration of your stay in Russia, number of entries, and purpose of your trip. It will help you figure out which visa type you require. Choose among the main Russian visa types described below.

Russian Tourist visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit: 30 days or 180 days according to mutual agreement between Russia and Czech Republic 

Number of entries: single, double, multiple

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: Confirmation of acceptance of a tourist issued by an approved Russian travel agency. 

Russian Private Visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit: up to 90 days

Number of entries: single, double

Purpose of traveling:

Basis for visa – official invitation granted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) upon request of the Russian host. 

Russian Business and Humanitarian visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit: no longer than 90 days out of each 180. A visa can be issued from 1 month to 5 years.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple

Purpose of traveling:

Basis for visa: Official invitation issued by:

Important: To apply for a multiple entry visa, the applicant should have at least 1 previous Russian visa issued in the last 2 years with the same purpose of travel. Can be submitted in photocopy, if the passport has been changed.

Russian Student Visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit: 

90 days and beyond, depending on the terms of study contract. A visa is issued for 90 days and can be extended by the educational establishment on the territory of Russia.

Number of entries: single, double, multiple 

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: 

Invitation granted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian upon petition of a Russian educational institution

Or an invitation from the Russian educational institution signed and sealed by the Rector (both originals and copies are accepted)

Russian Work visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit:

90 days and beyond, as described in the employment contract. A visa can be issued for 90 days or for 3 years for Highly Qualified Experts. Both can be prolonged on the territory of Russia.

Number of entries: single, multiple

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: Official original invitation granted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia upon petition of the Russian employing company.

Russian Transit Visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit: for air connections up to 72 hours, for crossing Russia by road, railroad – up to 10 days

Number of entries: single

Reasons for traveling: 

Basis for visa: tickets showing your entrance and departure from Russia.

Important: Travelers who making air connections staig i transit zone of the airport, do not need visas. Please check with your airlines whether you require transit visa to make your connection.

Important: Passengers following to Belarus or Kazakhstan with connection in Russia require transit visa

Russian E-Visa for Czech citizens

Duration of visit: 8 days out of 30 days visa duration

Number of entries: Single

Purpose of traveling: 

Basis for visa: Correctly filled online application, which is printed and shown at the border point

Step 2. Gather documents for your visa

Before applying for a Russian visa you’ll need to gather the documents according to your visa type. The list contains:

We’ll help you to: 

Get your tourist invitation here in 10 min: Get tourist invitation letter

Get your business invitation here in 1 to 20 working days: Get business invitation letter

For regular visas find the form at, complete it, print it on both sides, sign, and date.

For E-visa, request professional help with filling the form here: 

E-visa applications must be filled not later than 4 days before your trip.

Step 3. Book your appointment and apply for visa 

Once you have all documents ready, you can book an appointment at the Consulate  Section of Russia. The appointment is made in the online system here: 

Please remember, that you can apply for your visa not earlier than 90 days before your planned trip.

To apply at the Russian consulate section, wait for your appointment time, bring all documents, come 10 minutes before the application time.

You can also choose application through the licensed Russian visa centers VFS Global, located in the same cities. You won’t need to make any appointment there, applications are accepted on weekdays during working hours. 

Visa fees

Each visa application should be accompanied by the payment of non-refundable visa fees. At the consulate you pay the Consular fee in the amount of 1020 CZK for standard processing in 10 working days, or 2030 CZK for urgent processing in 3 working days.

It’s paid only in cash in local currency during the submission of documents.

At the visa center you also should pay the additional service fee, which is indicated on the website of the VFS Global center. Moreover, you can order extra services like delivery of your passport back home, photocopies of documents or filling the visa form for you, all surcharge as per the tariffs of the visa center.

Find websites and addresses of consulates and visa centers here: Russian Consulates and embassies

Step 4. Receive your visa and check it carefully

When you submit your documents you are given a receipt. After the processing of your documents has finished, bring this receipt to the consulate or visa center to collect your passport with visa. 

Carefully check all details on your visa stamp. It contains the following info:

Russian visa stamp

If everything corresponds to what you have expected, you can start preparing your luggage for the trip. Take with you your passport, hotel bookings, travel insurance, and invitation from your Russian host.

Step 5. Immigration procedures in Russia

When a foreign traveler arrives to Russia, he requires to get two documents for his legal stay:

Migration card is given out for free by employees of transport companies, or migration officers at the airport. You need to fill the identical two parts in English or Russian with details of your trip, inviting company, and place of intended stay. After this, the immigration officer will put a stamp on it, and give you one part to save. Carry it along in your passport during your stay in Russia. You’ll need to return it when leaving the country.

If you lose it, contact the local migration service within 3 working days and you’ll be issued a copy.

Migration card issued for free in Russia

The second document is necessary to prove your legal stay at a certain address in Russia, and should be obtained within 7 working days after your entry. If you are staying in a hotel, the management will take charge of it.

If you are staying with your friends or relatives, or book an apartment via airbnb, you’ll need to contact the owner of the apartament and ask to get you registered at the local post or police office.

Registration made in Russia

I hope you followed my instructions here and got your Russian visa without any problems and stresses. If you are still apprehensive and have some questions, feel free to contact us by email for a free consultation.

Happy travel experiences in Russia!

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