Russian visa for Turkish citizens

Published by Mike Lomberg June 16, 2020
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Turkey and Russia have a long history of friendly relationships. Both countries welcome each other’s travelers. Russia provides a huge variety of opportunities in spheres of tourism, business, education and work for Turkish citizens. However, there still exists visa-regime between our countries.

Do Turkish citizens need a visa to Russia?

Yes, they do.

Only in case you hold an official or diplomatic passport you can enter Russia without a visa. But even if the process of getting a visa can seem complicated for you, we are here to give you some insights on the visa procedures, provide you with advice and step-by-step instructions. Read on to know how to get your Russian visa in a fast and economical way.

Step 1. Choose which visa type you need

There are several main visa types for travelers to Russia. See the description below and make your choice.

Russian Tourist visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Business or Humanitarian visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Private visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Student visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if: 

Russian Work visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if: 

Russian E-Visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if: 

Important: If you need to visit other regions of Russia or stay longer, consider obtaining a tourist visa instead. 

Russian Transit visa for Turkish citizens

You need it if:

Important: If you make connection and stay at the airport transit zone, without passing passport and immigration control, you don’t need a visa. Otherwise, you require a transit visa.

If you travel to Kazakhstan or Belarus with connection in Russia you need a transit visa

Step 2. Collect necessary documents

The documents you’ll need to collect for your visa application are the following:

You can get your legal tourist invitation from us: get visa support invitation

Step 3. Apply for your visa in Turkey

After you have all necessary documents in your hands, apply with them for your visa at:

Remember, if you want to apply through the Consulate, you’ll need to book an appointment on their website. Visa Center receives applicants without prior appointments. Here you can find their contacts: Russian Embassies and Consulates

Along with your application you’ll need to pay visa fees. At the consulate you’ll pay only Consular fees, if you choose to apply through the visa center, you’ll also need to pay service fee.

Consular fees for a Russian visa for Turkish citizens:

Visa typeStandard processing fee (4-20 working days)Express processing fee (1-3 working days)
Single entry80 USD160 USD
Double entry128 USD256 USD
Multiple entry240 USD480 USD

Service fee paid in VFS Global center: 35 USD

At the Visa Center you can also order additional services like sms notifications on the status of your application, photocopies, application form filling, courier delivery of your passport back to you etc. all surcharge.

Step 4. Get your passport back and check visa for mistakes

After the process is finished, you can collect your passport back. Attentively check your Russian visa stamp. It bears the following information:

Russian visa information

If you see any mistakes, apply for correction. If everything is fine, start preparing your bags and get ready for the trip.

Step 5. Get migration card and registration in Russia

When you arrive to Russia you’ll need to get some more documents there:

A migration card is given to foreign nationals arriving to Russia at migration control points. It has two identical parts, one of which is surrendered to the immigration officer. You’ll need to write on it the details of your trip, dates of travel, places of intended stay. After you have it stamped by the officer, keep the second part of the card with you, and don’t lose it. You’ll have to return it back when leaving Russia.

Migration card in Russia

You’ll need to get registered upon arrival, if you stay longer than 7 working days in Russia.

If you stay in a hotel, you’ll get registered by the hotel manager. If you stay with your Russian friends, ask the owner of the apartment to register you at the local post or police office during the first 7 days after your arrival. Carry your registration with you. You might need to show it when returning from Russia.

Registration in Russia

I’m glad to have shared with you this useful guide, and hope it has helped you get your visa without any complications. If you need some advice, feel free to contact us by email.

Have a great trip to Russia!

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