Visa to Russia for Japanese citizens

Published by Mike Lomberg May 18, 2020
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For those who have decided to explore the wonders of Russia, the first question would be about a visa – Do I need one, and How to get it? In this article we’ll answer these questions for citizens of Japan, planning a business, family visit or leisure trip to Russia.

Do Japanese citizens require a visa to Russia? – Yes, they do!

Before you get scared, know that it’s not such a complicated process – to get a legal Russian visa you’ll just need to follow some simple steps. Read on to learn how to get your Russian visa in a cost-effective and quick manner. You won’t need to hire professional agents to do it for you, find the visa application guide below with expert tips and useful contacts for your visa processing.

Step 1. Decide on the reason for your traveling and choose the appropriate visa type

Before you start the application process, think about the reason for your traveling, the duration of your trip and the party, who will provide you with the required invitation from Russia. 

There are several main visa types corresponding to the different travel purposes:

Visa typesValidity periodTravel purpose
Tourist visa30 daystourism and leisure
Private visa90 daysprivate guest visits. Not recommendable: see why here
Business visa30 -90 days (up to 5 years max)conducting business in Russia, looking for partners, negotiating, investing etc.
Transit visa3 -10 dayscrossing Russian territory on your way to another country
Student visa90 days and abovestudying a course in a Russian school or university
Work visa90 days and aboveworking under contract for a Russian employer
Electronic visa8 daysshort tourist, business or humanitarian visits


Travel plans for tourism include:

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

You should be invited by: 

* For passengers traveling by cruise ships or ferry boats entering Russian ports it’s not necessary to get a visa while they stay in Russia no longer than 72 hours, and only enter port cities as part of organized travel groups.


Travel plans for private visa include:

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

You should be invited by:


Travel plans for business include

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

You should be invited by: 


Travel plans include:

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

You should be invited by: 


Travel plans include:

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

You should be invited by: 


Travel plans include:

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

No invitation required. Make sure you have the return tickets to show the authorities. 

Important: You won’t need transit visa if you fly directly non-stop over Russia on your way to another country.

You won’t need transit visa if you stay within transit zone when making your connection in a Russian airport.

You will need transit visa if you make a connection in Russia on your way to Belarus or Kazakhstan.


Travel plans include:

Planned duration of your stay: 

Planned number of entries to Russia:

You don’t need any invitation, but in 4 days before your trip you should complete a specialized E-form on the Russian MFA site, and have it when crossing the border. To avoid any mistakes when filling the form, request our professional help here: Visando E-visa

Important: You can enter one of the three regions only: Vladivostok and the Far East, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region. You are required to enter and leave through the same border point. You cannot travel to other regions of Russia on an E-visa.

Step 2. Get all documents for application in order

I hope that by now you have figured out the visa type you need for your trip to Russia. So, the next step will be to collect the necessary set of documents for your application. See below the documents required by the Russian Consulate in Japan:

You can get your legal tourist or business invitation from us: get visa support invitation

Step 3. Apply for Russian visa at a specialized visa center or Russian consulate

You are able to apply for your Russian visa not earlier than 3 months before the planned entry to Russia. After you’ve collected your documents from the above described list, decide on the way of application and act.

Japanese citizens can apply for a Russian visa in one of these ways:

Visa center has been created to facilitate the work of the Consular division and create more comfortable conditions for the Russian visa applicants. If you choose to apply through the visa center you can select from a wide range of extra services including help with application form filling, photocopies, taking color photos for the form, your application status notifications, and delivery of your passport back to your place. Remember that extra services are all surcharge.

If you wish to apply by mail, without the need to attend visa center in person, prepare the documents, include the cover letter (cover letter), pack everything into an envelope and send to:

Russian Visa Center


1 Chome-3-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 107-0052, Japan 

You can find the contact details of Russian embassy, consulates and visa centers here: Russian consulates and embassies

Now, coming to the financial side of the matter. 

Visa fees and Extras

Japanese citizens can get their visas for free if they are ready to wait for  11 working days and beyond. For more urgent cases the following consular fees can be collected:

Visa typeStandard processing fee (6-10 days)Urgent processing fee (4-5 days) Extra Urgent (up to 3 days)
Tourist/Transit4000 JPY4000 JPY10000 JPY
Other visa typesfree4000 JPY10000 JPY

Visa fees are paid at the consulate by credit cards (Visa, Master Card), or by a bank transfer to:

Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Branch name: Roppongi Branch

Branch number: 619

Branch address: 6-1-21 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Account number: (Checking account) 1010035


Multiple entry visas can be issued within up to 20 days period.

If you apply through the visa center in person you should accompany your application by payment of service fee, which is 4500 JPY

In case you wish to apply by mail, you will need to pay extra fees:

Number of passports in one packageProcessing of a postal application (per passport)Return delivery price (total amount for all passports)
1 passport4000 JPY2000 JPY
2-5 passports3000 JPY2500 JPY
6-10 passports2500 JPY3000 JPY
11-20 passports2000 JPY3500 JPY
21-50 passports1500 JPY4000 JPY
51-99 passports1000 JPY5000 JPY

First, you’ll send the documents to the visa center by mail, then receive the invoice and pay it at the bank.

Step 4. Collect your passport back and check your visa details

After the stipulated time has passed you can collect your passport with visa. If you applied directly at the consulate, you can get it without appointment at window 3 during working hours. If you applied at the visa center, you can also receive it back in person, or if you paid for return delivery, just wait until the courier brings it to your place.

Now, having your passport in hands, find your visa stamp and check all details. It looks like this:

Russian visa stamp

If all corresponds to your data, you can start packing your luggage and preparing for your trip. Carry your passport with visa and invitation to Russia with you.

Step 5. Come to Russia and get the required registration

Now before you leave, you should know about two more documents you’ll need to obtain after you come to Russia: 

You will be handed Migration Card on board the plane by flight attendants, or at border points by the immigration officers. You’ll be requested to fill both parts of this document with identical information in block letters in pen, in Russian or English. Give your passport details, dates of trip and inviting company, nothing hard. Immigration officer will stamp the document and give you one part of it. Carry the migration card always with you and return at immigration control when you leave Russia.

Russian migration card

You will require Registration if your stay in Russia will last over  7 working days. It’s normally provided by the hotel where you stay, or by the owner of the apartment. I suggest you contacting the owner and making sure he’ll be able to have you registered at the local post or police office. Airbnb owners normally charge some extras for this service. Carry your registration with you during your visit. Remember that it should be made during the first 7 business days of your stay.

Russian registration

That’s about all I was to tell you on the Russian visa application process. As you can see by yourself it’s not so complicated. I recommend starting visa process at least 1 month prior to your trip. If you still encounter some problems or want to consult on some issues, feel free to write to our email.

Have a splendid trip to Russia!

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